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There are various memorials within the museum site and another at the site of Flixton airfield nearby.

446BG Memorial.

446BG plaque

This memorial to the USAAF 446th Bomb Group is just in front of the 446BG building

Memorial to fallen airman of WWII

This memorial is to the fallen airmen of the second world war

USAAF Mermorial

USAAF Memorial 


This memorial is to the 2nd Air Division of the USAAF - comprising the remains of a larger memorial from Norwich; the top features a mineral stone from each of the States in the U.S.

2nd Air Division memorial whilst at Norwich Library

Memorial whilst it was outside the 2nd Air Division Memorial Library in Norwich

Airfield memorial

This memorial can be found on the site of Flixton Airfield, it's location is marked on the Find Us page

Gates at Flixton Church
Plaque on Flixton Church Gates

Memorial at St Mary's Church, Flixton, to the men of the 446th Bomb Group, USAAF who gave their lives in defence of freedom

Seat at Flixton Church
Plaque on seat in Flixton Church

Seat in St Mary's Church, Flixton in Memoriam of Officers and Men of the USAAF 446th Bombardment Group who lost their lives 1943-45

Memorial Garden

Memorial Garden at Flixton

Adair Walk

The first section of the Adair Walk is bordered by trees that have been planted by visitors and members in memory of loved-ones who enjoyed visiting us or who worked at the museum; sometimes their ashes have been deposited in the soil close by. The trees have protective surrounds and bear descriptive nameplates.

The woodland around the Adair Walk is a managed woodland area. The Willows are grown for Cricket Bats. During Summer 2016 these were harvested and have now been replaced with young trees. The contractors have left various "piles of logs" around to act as bug homes. The woodland is thus currently in an early stage of it's life-cycle, but it will obviously very quickly grow back. The more open nature of the area at the moment will attract different flora and fauna.

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